Martin Roberts Design Selected by Furniture First as a Preferred Designer

Martin Roberts Design announced today it has been selected by Furniture First as a preferred designer for Furniture First’s more than 178 members. This relationship is a result of Martin Roberts Design’s relationship with Dovetail Alliance, a consortium of home furnishings industry service providers. Dovetail Alliance has been selected by Furniture First as a preferred provider.

Dovetail Alliance and its members offer a set of services to Furniture First members and will take part in the organization’s annual member symposium, which features seminars and networking.

Martin Roberts Design turns a retail store, its showroom space and products into a stimulating and engaging environment that encourages the sale of merchandise and services. A store and its showroom is one of the best branding and communication opportunities, the best vehicle for non-stop advertising.

About Furniture First

Harrisburg, Pa.-based Furniture First is a buying group whose members also share best business practices. It has 178 members with more than 385 storefronts nationwide, and more than $1.3 billion in annual retail volume.

About Dovetail Alliance

Dovetail says it is a one-stop resource dedicated to improving the performance of home furnishings retail and manufacturing operations in the United States and Canada. Its providers offer services in advertising, ecommerce, electronic signage, high impact promotions, media buying, musical logos, sales training, store concepts, store design, transportation, human resources, market research, real estate solutions, traffic counting and turnaround management.