A Store’s Makeover Changes Its Bottom Line, Too

Riley’s Furniture and Mattress Store in Monroe, Ohio had a 30,000 sq. ft. two‐ story “piecemeal” showroom that had been remodeled and added to throughout the last 45 years one area at a time creating an inconsistent look and feel. Mattresses were tucked away in the far back upstairs corner. Furniture was arranged in brand galleries that, over time, had lost their identity making the floor look crowded and confusing.

Published first in Retailer Now.

Martin Roberts Design was commissioned to create an overall vision for the store and then execute a cohesive remodel that would maximize sales and improve efficiency. That began by moving the mattress and recliner departments downstairs giving the entire first floor a relaxing, welcoming feeling. Neutral colors, tufted headboards, caprice shell lamps and soft lighting created a calm, uniform look in the mattress area.

Upstairs, the stationary upholstery, dining and bedroom furnishings were curated into lifestyle presentations redefining the shopping experience, making it easier for Riley’s clientele to find just what they needed. Way-finding touch screens allow customers to move throughout the showroom floor with ease. The design center was relocated to the second floor where Riley’s design team, along with other design professionals, have a full‐service resource hub in which to work with customers to determine, specify and order custom and in‐stock items.

The results speak for themselves. According to Riley’s, overall sales have increased 51% and the store’s gross margin has increased 60% (compared to the same months in 2014) since their grand reopening in May. Mattress sales have increased 99% and the company has surpassed their goal of $200 per square foot in sales. Their sales staff reports that the newly remodeled space makes it much easier to work with customers and customers concur, noting that the new environment is both relaxing and inspirational.

With the interior renovations complete, the next phase of the revamp, currently underway, includes an updated entrance designed to carry the new aesthetic to the front of the building. The increased revenue already generated by the interior improvements is funding the exterior renovations. Because of their enormous success, Riley’s plans a second grand re‐opening celebration for their customers upon completion of the new exterior.

Riley’s new front under construction
Riley’s store front before Martin Roberts Design began work greeted customers with a narrow black awning entrance. Riley’s new store front will welcome customers with a cleaner, more updated look when the construction is completed. It will also send the message to their customers that Riley’s has the latest and most updated styles for their home.

Riley’s New Mattress Dept
The new first floor mattress department embraces shoppers with a relaxing spa look featuring a shimmer screen, round capriz shell lamps, soft LED lighting under the beds, uniform neutral color headboards and is void of screaming sale and vendor signs.

Riley’s interactive directional signage
Riley’s showroom before the remodeling had furniture arranged in brand galleries. Customers looking for a certain lifestyle look had to search the entire showroom to compare the furnishings and select the pieces perfect for their home. Riley’s new showroom has the furnishings arranged by lifestyle presentations with interactive touch screen directional signs helping shoppers to explore their style.

Riley’s Daniel’s Amish
The Daniel’s Amish area is one example of the new lifestyle area where similar furniture is presented together showing all of the design options that customers have.

Riley’s new recliner department
Sharing the first floor with the mattresses, the new recliner department also offers a place for customers to relax and put their feet up as they search for their ideal recliner.

Riley’s new design center
The new Design Center offers consultation areas, fabrics, catalogs, finishes and more—everything customers and the store’s interior design professionals need to easily customize their selections.