Showroom Design

Palliser Taps Martin Roberts Design for Pinnacle Seating

New to the showroom of upholstery producer Palliser Furniture at market is signage created by retail design veteran Martin Roberts. Palliser tapped Roberts to create high impact in the showroom and on retail floors for their luxury brand, Pinnacle Seating Studio. The manufacturer wants to create an environment that stands out from the rest of

Palliser Furniture Introduces High Impact Motion Furniture Signage

Retail design veteran Martin Roberts reported that he recently worked with Palliser Furniture to create an environment to set apart the manufacturer’s luxury brand—Pinnacle Seating Studio—both within the showroom and on retail floors. The challenge: To design the elements that would create a special environment at retail to properly showcase the luxury brand and set

Palliser Furniture, Martin Roberts Create Footprint for Pinnacle

Canada’s Palliser Furniture commissioned Martin Roberts Design to create an environment for luxury brand Pinnacle Seating Studio in the company’s showroom and for retail floors. Palliser encouraged Roberts to create a layout that would showcase the brand and make it stand out from other parts of a retail showroom while informing customers that Pinnacle offers

Martin Roberts Design Completes HMI Showroom Renovation

Design puts furniture in spotlight while supporting five distinct brand identities. Published first in Adex Awards. Martin Roberts and Martin Roberts Design recently completed the design of an extensive renovation to the trade showroom of Home Meridian International, located at the High Point Furniture Market, the largest international furniture tradeshow. Prior to the re-design of

Martin Roberts Design introducing the RTO Dreamstore unveiling at the APRO Convention

APRO Tuesday, provided a glimpse of the future with the unveiling of the “RTO Dreamstore”, a carefully crafted showroom at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis. The RTO Dreamstore Tour, led by Martin Roberts of Martin Roberts Design, is a sneak peek into the RTO store of tomorrow today. The Dreamstore was the feature attraction

Home Meridian sign heralds renovated 220 Elm showroom

HIGH POINT — Crews here on Friday raised one of the finishing touches to Home Meridian International’s new showroom look for the High Point Market – a 35-foot-tall exterior sign on the 220 Elm building. The company has been renovating its two-floor space in 220 Elm, giving it about 90,000 square feet of exhibit space.

Palliser Furniture to Launch Rebranding Effort for High Point Market

As published in Home Furnishings Business Friday, October 15, 2010 – Palliser, one of North America’s leading furniture manufacturers, will unveil a new showroom design for the 2010 October High Point Furnishings Market. The new showroom layout is just one component in the rebranding effort for Palliser. Historically, the company has operated under a product-focused