Palliser Taps Martin Roberts Design for Pinnacle Seating

New to the showroom of upholstery producer Palliser Furniture at market is signage created by retail design veteran Martin Roberts.

Palliser tapped Roberts to create high impact in the showroom and on retail floors for their luxury brand, Pinnacle Seating Studio. The manufacturer wants to create an environment that stands out from the rest of the store and clearly conveys the function behind Pinnacle’s sleek, contemporary style.

Published first in Furniture Today

The challenge for Palliser – and Martin Roberts Design – is that retailers are resistant to display motion pieces in the open mode for aesthetic reasons. That means that shoppers often do not realize they are looking at recliners.

“Most of the time, when you look at a European contemporary sofa with motion functions in a room setting, it looks no different from a stationary piece,” Roberts said, “especially when the buttons or releases are unobtrusive or purposely hidden in the design.”

Roberts has solved the problem with point-of-purchase signage that fits seamlessly into retailer spaces and grabs shoppers’ attention to get them to experience the product. The signs use Palliser’s attractive room photography to make a simple but stunning statement about the functionality integrated into the luxury style.

“We’re very excited about the solution he’s created, because it’s really low maintenance and easy-to-install, but very high impact,” said Jessica Smithson, Palliser’s marketing manager. “They support the product but don’t overshadow it.”

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