Martin Roberts Design Launches Website

Recently formed group offers design solutions to retailers.

Martin Roberts Design, which offers consulting, store design and graphics services to retailers, has launched its new website at

Published first in Furniture Today.

The firm, which formed earlier in the year, is composed of retail consultants, architects, interior designers and graphic designers who have worked extensively in retail.

Founder and President Martin Roberts has more than 40 years in the business and has worked with retailers including Linens ‘n Things and Barnes & Noble, as well as home furnishings retailers and manufacturers.

Roberts said the site is designed to serve as a starting point for retailers, whether they just want to give their stores a modest makeover or are looking to do something on a larger scale. The firm says it uses innovative design solutions to help maximize profits. The company says it has documented sale increases of 15% or more and also seen increases in gross margin and sales per square foot as a result of its projects.

The site also includes articles and case studies from clients including the grocery store chain Pathmark and Barnes & Noble, among others.

“We’re a one-stop resource that can meet the needs of any retailers when it comes to their store environment and graphics, and the Web site provides tools designed to help retailers ask the right questions at the beginning of a project,” Roberts said.