Swann’s Furniture & Design – New Address, Same Refined Look

A few years ago, Elam Swann, longtime owner of Swann’s Furniture & Design, could see his hometown of Tyler, Texas, slowly changing. Growth was shifting to the southern end town away from his store’s southeastern location in an area that had slowly morphed into industrial use and no longer reflected the store’s high-end brand. Swann spent months looking at properties to purchase to relocate his store. Only he didn’t settle on one. He bought three prime parcels and continued to watch how the city’s growth evolved before settling on one of the lots for his new store. All that was left was for someone to design it.

As Swann tells it, “We think Swann’s takes the lead when it comes to decor and design in our area so we wanted someone who could take our old store and give it an updated, fresh look in our new neighborhood.” Swann entrusted retail designer Martin Roberts with the task of creating his new 51,000-square-foot store; redesign the brand’s identity; increase the store’s visibility in the community; and ensure consistency of the shopping experience between the retailer’s new website and the physical store.


Swann's Original Store
Swann's New Store Tyler TX
The outdoor façade illustrates Swann’s new branding elements while reflecting traditional regional architecture. The increased height of the façade, with its faux second floor architecture, in proportion to the floor size and depth, makes the store appear larger without the expense of constructing a bigger facility—a solution that saved Swann’s a significant amount of money while still achieving the goal of high visibility.
Swann Furniture Design Area
Reflecting the brand’s focus and the added value provided by Swann’s decorating staff, we started the customer’s journey in the new design center, showcasing the colors, materials and textures available to clients seeking customized solutions.
Swann Furniture Mattresses
Swann’s mattress section is one of the store’s few areas that features extensive signage to assist customers in identifying a particular brand.


Swann Furniture studio exposition area
From the lighting design and high-quality fixtures, to the designer’s workstations and finishes, every element Roberts’ design crew incorporated into the new Swann’s reinforces the feeling of affluent, updated traditional styling that is key to the store’s brand.