Visual Merchandising

The Recession’s Lessons

As published in Home Furnishings Business Even as we start to emerge from the recent recession—which caused literally thousands of furniture stores to close permanently—there are hard-won lessons to reflect on. Simply surviving in such a difficult environment is a victory, and the good news is that the stores that remain (along with their battle-tested

The Power of Paint

As published in Home Furnishings Business There is an abundance of examples of retailers who have used consumer-centric retailing (CCR) to boost sales. Last month, we discussed how a 
CCR initiative at Walgreens increased the chain’s earnings in a down economy while freeing up $500 million in cash through inventory reductions. In the furniture sector,

A Prescription for Higher Sales

As published in Home Furnishings Business Know your target customer and give the products they desire, the services they need, and a great shopping experience. Given today’s economy, Walgreens has captured attention across the retail landscape by boosting sales and revenues as it freed up $500 million by trimming excess SKUs. Last month, the 109-year-old