Martin Roberts Designs Develops “Sleep Simple” Experience for America’s Mattress® Stores

America’s Mattress®, the largest independently owned and operated sleep shop network in the United States, wanted to create a customizable retail program that would maximize the customer’s in-store experience. They contacted retail design specialist Martin Roberts to help them achieve their goals.

The America’s Mattress leadership team and Martin Roberts Designs (Roberts) reviewed the floor plans of America’s Mattress’s network of more than 400 stores with nearly 200 independent owners and decided to simplify the mattress selection process. Together, they created the Sleep Simple™ experience using a 3,500 sq. ft. prototype retail environment, which is adaptable to any location. The concept includes a customizable floor plan design with dynamic mattress displays, magnetic headboards for interchangeable messaging, modular display panels, top-of bed, wall art and modular cabinetry providing a unique and welcoming environment for consumers. The cabinetry is designed to display add on sales opportunities such as PureCare™ sheets and other premium sleep related accessories along with a selection of Serta® and iComfort® pillows and protectors.

The Sleep Simple experience is like the “Goldilocks principal of soft, medium or firm,” Martin Roberts, founder of Martin Roberts Designs, explained. A customer is invited to a centrally located three-sided column where mattresses of different firmness levels are displayed. The customer then selects a pillow based on their sleep position and tries it out with the mattress. Once a desired comfort level is determined, the customer moves to the other three-sided column to select their preferred support system. From there, they are guided through the store to the Serta® mattresses that match their comfort and support selections.

Currently, there are ten stores operating under the new Sleep Simple design format. Between new stores and existing store conversions, 30 additional stores are planned to open in 2016.