Furniture Mall of Kansas Hires Martin Roberts To Deliver a Retail Experience

Furniture Mall of Kansas, set to open in late May or early June, says it is hoping to change the typical furniture shopping experience, and has hired an industry expert to help deliver. The new store is designed by renowned retail veteran Martin Roberts, who along with his internationally acclaimed team is known for working with some of the world’s most well-known brands such as Barnes and Noble, CarMax, McDonald’s, and TUMI luggage. The reason we now have coffee shops in bookstores was Roberts’ innovation.

Published first in Furniture World Magazine

“It’s never been about demographics and age, but rather the emotional feelings and varying mindsets of people walking through the door. If businesses are not addressing those desires, feelings, and dreams through the shopping experience, they won’t connect and customers won’t come back.”

The inherent challenge of designing a space larger than three football fields is creating a comfortable environment. Sprawling pathways will guide shoppers through a natural progression of home furnishings.

“Landmarks,” such as an Amish Barn, Café, and large color coded rings will instinctively help visitors locate their desired destination. If a customer needs to rest, have a cup of coffee at the café. If the kids are getting antsy, two outdoor patios will provide an area for relief.

“We tried to truly be sensitive to the multitude of life possibilities customers could be experiencing, apart from shopping,” says Roberts.

If an Amish Barn, Outdoor Patios, and Café weren’t enough, customers will also be able to interact with a 15,000 gallon Digital Fish Tank, designed by owner Jamie Winter, an electrical engineer by trade. “You’ll actually be able to feed the fish,” says Winter.

Asked of Roberts the one thing people should know: “I want people to know that there was an incredible amount of thought into designing an experience that is much more intimate, comfortable, personal, and enjoyable. This store will be unlike any other in the world.”

About Furniture Mall of Kansas: The Winter Family has been serving home furnishings needs since 1933. Furniture Mall of Kansas consists of five stores under one roof: Discovery Furniture, RoomMakers, Marling’s Furniture, Mattress Headquarters and Abbey Flooring Headquarters. Currently located in Topeka, KS, the goal of the Furniture Mall of Kansas is to give customer’s both the small store feel and service with the big store selection to help them create a more beautiful and comfortable home.